Some exciting things are happening…

Well, you may have noticed the new website but this is just the start of our plans for Copen Owners Club in 2012. What’s coming…..

1. New website

2. New Forum

3. Recruiting a moderator for our online community

4. Recruiting an editor for our website

We are aware we’ve been a tad neglectful of this little club for an amazing little car and that’s going to change. The old forum is running on a third party host which is causing us a ton of problems so it’s time to set up our own, this will be happening in the coming weeks.

As we unfortunately don’t have enough time to commit to keeping the forum in check and maintain regular updates to the website, we would like to appoint a moderator/website editor from our community. The chosen candidate will get moderator level access across the whole forum and also be able to post news to the website, add pages etc. If you are interested please leave a comment on this post and please include your current forum username. A knowledge/experience of WordPress and/or phpBB would be an advantage. No web design experience necessary.

4 Responses to “Some exciting things are happening…”

  1. Hi
    I’m interested in helping in some way. I have no experience though. My user name is Adam K.

  2. Hi, I maybe able to help. I currently moderate a forum for the 80s band The Primitives so easly do thi sif you need help. I have also worked on several websites too if that helps

  3. Sorry should have also said i set up and use to run the wordpress for the Leicestershire group of compassion in world farming so have a bit of a background in that too

  4. Hi guys, thanks very much for your offers. I will email you both shortly :)

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