Debadging your Copen

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Tools required:

  • Adhesive remover (optional)
  • Hair dryer
  • Dental floss or fishing line
  • Soft cloth
  • Prewax cleaner to remove residue

So, what badges are we going to remove? Well there is one Daihatsu ‘D’ logo on the bonnet hood, another one on the boot lid along with a ‘Copen’ logo, Daihatsu is also spelled out in letters on the rear window and and also on the wind deflector. There are also little ‘D’ logos on the alloy wheels, but we can’t do anything about those. Obviously debadging your Copen is purely a matter of personal preference, but should you choose to do so, heres what to do:

Removing the two Daihatsu ‘D’ logos and the Copen logo. (The process is the same for all three badges.)

Step 1.

Wash the areas around the badges you want to remove; if the car needs a wash this is a good time to do the whole car.

Step 2.

Heat up badge with a hair dryer. Test the amount of heat you are putting on the paint with your hand, you do not want to over heat the paint. Heat for ten to fifteen seconds checking the heat the entire time.

Step 3.

Spray adhesive remover on badge, hold a cloth below the badge to keep the adhesive remover from dripping. (Step 3 is optional, you may not require adhesive remover.)

Step 4.

Heat again for another five to ten seconds, again checking the heat.

Step 5.

Using the dental floss start to cut the badges off. Pull the dental floss away from the car so that it is rubbing on the badge and not the car. If there is much resistance to the dental floss cutting the adhesive reheat and reapply adhesive remover.

Step 6.

With the badge off you now have to deal with the leftover adhesive. Carefully try to peal off the corner, if there is much resistance, reapply heat and adhesive remover. Slowly peal the adhesive off; hopefully it will come off in one piece. Be careful not to scratch the paint by using your fingernails to “dig” at the adhesive.

Step 7.

With the badge and adhesive off use a soft cloth to clean the dirt that you could not get before.

Removing the eight letters spelling Daihatsu on the rear window and wind deflector. (The process is the same for all three badges.)

Simply pick away at a corner of each letter with a finger nail and it should begin to peel away. Once you have removed all of the letters give the window or wind deflector a wipe over with a soft damp cloth to remove any remaining adhesive. Finally sit back and enjoy your handywork…

PLEASE NOTE: Copen Owners Club.Org.UK cannot be held in any way responsible for damage or harm caused while following these instructions.