Fitting a CD auto-changer

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Tape
  • Velcro strips

Step 1.

The most important step is to fit a head unit that has an auto-changer facility, because the standard Clarion one doesn’t. I would recommend having this done at a dealer because the stereo is screwed in and can only be removed by removing the centre console of the dashboard and the panels are very flimsy. If you already have a compatible stereo then fitting the wires is very much a case of being extremely dextrous. Open the glove box and feel up towards the stereo. You will easily find the back of it, where it is then a case of plugging in the wires.

Step 2.

Undo the 2 screws that hold the gear shift plastic console in place and feed the wires down from the back of the stereo. Undo the 7 screws holding the plastic handbrake/storage box housing – 2 on each side, 1 at the bottom of the rear storage, 1 at the bottom of the lockable storage and 1 under the circular cover in the front part of the lockable storage. Feed the wires along the edge where they will be covered when the housing is replaced.

Step 3.

At the rear of this unit the wires for the boot release and fuel cap release go through into the boot. Open the boot. Poke an unravelled wire coat hanger down behind the carpet at the back of the boot until you can see it through the hole in the cabin. Attach the wires to it using tape and pull them into the main part of the boot. Make sure they aren’t going to foul any other wires or the handbrake.

Step 4.

Lift up the carpet on the bottom of the boot and run the wires under it. You will need to reach up under the carpet to get them from where they have come around the edge of the carpet into the boot. The aim is to get the wires to where the puncture repair kit is as this is the new home for the auto-changer – this can easily be secured with Velcro so that it can be removed for disc changing and getting to the jack.

Step 5.

Screw back in the centre tunnel housings taking care with the small bit of plastic that covers the hole where the handbrake comes through. This will have come loose when you lifted up the housing and just needs placing back in.

PLEASE NOTE: Copen Owners Club.Org.UK cannot be held in any way responsible for damage or harm caused while following these instructions.